Frequently asked questions

Will there be a booklet or will everything be solely online ? What if we have questions ?

Everything will be taught online step by step. I will be walking you through the course weekely by powerpoint. If You have any questions about the course we will be doing Live Q&A Zoom calls weekly until the course end.

What if we aren't able to make a week of training and get behind how would we catch up ? How long will we have access ?

Every Module Live Zoom Call will be recorded and uploaded into the class weekely so no rush you will have access to rewatch the zoom call if you are busy. This is not a class you will have to log in daily. If you get behind in class I would say just try your best every week to watch the zoom calls. However, Try to dedicate 3-5 hours a week ( Less thasn a part time job). You will have lifetime accesss to training incase you would like to go back in if you feel you missed something.

What if Im unhappy with the course ??

Since this a knowledge-based course and knowledge cannot be reverse once learned, This course is NON-REFUNDALBE. NO EXCEPTIONS !

When does this Course Start ?

Enrollment Open up July 15, 2021 @1pmEST. This 8- week Course will start on August 2nd This Course will start August 9, 2021 @ 8 am EST. These trainings will be released weekly to prevent you from skipping ahead. 1 Module weekly.

Who is this course good for ? Do I need experience ?

This Course is good for anyone wanting to learn how to run a succesful business on top of learning how to make extra income. If you already own a business You will learn everything from legally structuring your business, Building your website, learning marketing techniques, etc. You do not need ANY experience when taking this training. This course will help you start your own online business. You will learn how to start your business from stratch.

Does this Course Guarantee Results ?

It would be illegal and unethic for me to guarantee your success. Your Work Ethic will determine your succes.